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Car Insurance

Introduction to Insurance:
  The insurance for different types on the idea of R03;R03;solidarity and cooperation among individuals at risk for the same phenomenon. As the financial loss incurred by one of them or each other as a result of verification phenomenon specific risk are divided on all individuals exposed to the same phenomenon of danger and in order to achieve the insurance goal in protecting individuals from the dangers exposed should the availability of a large number of those individuals involved in the system of insurance against financial loss due achieved during the period of insurance.
Introduction to auto insurance:
The car insurance of insurance in all important insurance companies, to the large number of cars depending on the evolution of the economic boom, which she attended every country (the spread of asphalted roads, highways and circular) and also contributed to the installment sale system. All this was accompanied by an increase in the number of accidents, making this type of insurance is of interest to workers in the insurance sector and the public and the state.
The auto insurance policy:
Is a binding contract required the insured (Islamic Insurance) under which lead to the insured a sum of money or compensate in kind last in the event of an accident or the achievement of risk set out in the insurance contract and in return premium of money determined on the basis of the value of the car (on the basis of market value) .
Car insurance is a coverage of the damage being inflicted on the car or others or property of others and there are several types of car insurance the most important of the following: -
1 - civil liability to the public or third party, or aspiring to (compulsory insurance).
2 - comprehensive insurance.
3 - insurance against third party with the addition of the risk of fire and theft.
4 - comprehensive insurance with the exception of the third party.
The most common type is the following:
1 - Comprehensive insurance.
2 - Insurance against third party only.


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