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ASIRC Activities

The Association has a great influence on the insurance companies operating in the country being the spokesperson of the industry in matters relating to insurance activities.

The Association being a professional association aims at developing insurance and reinsurance industry in the Sudan which is a basic pillar of the national economy that provides insurance protection to individuals, private and public property in addition to adequate compensation in case of accidents.

The Association took upon itself disseminating insurance awareness among the public being an effective tool in the development of the insurance industry. The dissemination of insurance knowledge and awareness led the insurance industry to spend huge sums on all its activities in a quest to publicize and develop the importance of insurance in all economic sectors.  

The Association’s campaign to disseminate and publicize insurance awareness included using the media and religious leaders to clarify that cooperative insurance was not in contravention of religious tenets. The Association is at present striving to make insurance awareness part of educational curricula at all phases of education.   

Among the Association activities was its participation in the meetings of the African Insurance organization, meetings and conferences of the Arab Insurance Association and the Afro-Asian Insurance Association. The role of the Association in these meetings was both valuable and active. The Association furthermore hosted in 2010 the meeting of Arab Insurance Association on Marine and Aviation Insurance and shall host the African Insurance Association in 2012.

The 14th General Assembly of the Afro-Asian Insurance Association was held in Khartoum and the Chairman of the Association of the Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Companies was elected the chairperson for a term of two-years. The Association contributed in National Comprehensive Strategic Conference and played an active role in the preparation of a paper on insurance.

The Association endeavors through its specialized committees on marine and aviation insurance and in coordination with the competent authorities to establish an office in Port Sudan to minimize and avert losses. The Association also cooperates with security and civil defense authorities by means of information exchange; support their activities, establishment of fire brigades at high density areas, industries and training of personnel.

            Taking into consideration that the basic objective of the Association was to upgrade and develop the Sudanese insurance market which is congruent with the objectives of the Insurance Control Corporation, collaboration has dominated their relations. That was evident in all endeavors that were undertaken by them. Hosting of the General Assembly of the African Insurance Organization, the meeting of its board of directors, and convening two-seminars on reinsurance for the Kenyan Reinsurance Company demonstrate such cooperation.

Worth mentioning that the Association contributed in the Arabization of insurance documents within the framework of specialized committees (motors, marine , aviation, non marine, takaful etc.) before being finalized by the committee that includes representative of the Association.

In view of the rapid development of information and communication technology whose applications are required on undertaking all endeavors including insurance as it provides more secured and accurate means which in turn contributed in time saving and expenditure minimization. In order to achieve these goals, the Association has coordinated with the Road Traffic Directorate and the Insurance Control Corporation to establish an electronic insurance system and apply the 1st phase on motor insurance. The electronic system aims at the creation of a broad data-base that allows users from insurance companies, road traffic licensing authorities and the Insurance Control Corporation to exchange information in regard to motor insurance in all its aspects.

The Association has a local active presence in avoidance of risks, safety precautions, adopting means to combat fires and mitigation of disasters; impacts.

The Association supports projects relating to upgrading civil defence, environment, development and upgrading of hospitals, emergency wards in terms of rehabilitation. Furthermore providing ambulatory service on high ways and contributing in the efforts to raise awareness so that the public would exert more caution to avert negligence leading to injury and harm.



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