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Establishment of the Association:

The Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Companies Association was founded in 1977 and its membership is composed of all Sudanese insurance and reinsurance companies.


1.       Endeavoring to develop and build-up the insurance industry in the Sudan through disseminating insurance awareness within the country and increasing the returns of total insurance premiums.


2.       Endeavoring to chart accurate technical basis in order to organize and develop the Sudanese insurance market.


3.       Addressing government departments in respect of insurance activities being an economic activity.


4.       Upgrading insurance market scientific and technical standard through exchange of experience and information, insurance training sessions and workshops and all other matters relating to insurance activities including publications, bulletins, periodicals and others.


5.       Representing its members in consultations, negotiations and communication with competent authorities and endeavoring to safeguard its member’s interests in the framework of public interest.


6.       Fostering relations with international insurance associations with the view of exchanging experience and benefits that accrue to its members.


7.       Endeavoring to encourage business in between its members, Arab, African and international insurance markets thereby serving joint economic interests.


In order to achieve the above objectives, the Association follows relevant policies, applying all possible ways and methods including:


A.   Examining insurance and reinsurance problems in the Sudan.


B.   Upgrading the insurance market scientific and technical standard through exchange of experience and information, establishing  insurance studies specialized institutions and centers, organizing insurance courses and meetings and all that pertains to insurance activities including publications, bulletins and periodicals and others.


C.   Preparation of studies in respect of insurance projects, collection of data, statistics and research.


D.   Establishing of a consultancy service center under the aegis of the Association to render technical and legal advice to the members.


E.    Undertaking mediation and arbitration between the Association’s members in accordance with the regulations set by the Association’s Board of Directors.


F.    Carrying out all is necessary to promote and support investment policy in insurance and reinsurance field serving members’ and national economy interests.


G.   Furthering cooperation between African, Arab and international federations, organization and entities in the field of insurance.


H.   Pursuing any other method that support the achievement of the Federations; objectives.



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